Our Mission

Connect and collaborate with those interested in India and its diverse cultures

Support Indian community in Toulouse

Help integrate Indians into French culture – make everyone feel home!

Our Goals

Connecting Indians and Toulousians

Offering and sharing reliable administrative information

Organizing events of culture, sports, picnic and festivals

Organizing trips to discover French heritage and gastronomy

Providing support for day-to-day activities

Liaising with Indian Consular services

The Team

Our young and energetic team of volunteers are committed to helping the community on non-profit basis. We are a group of diverse cultural, professional, linguistic & ethnic backgrounds. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit?

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Ravi Shankar


About Ravi

Bangalorean moved to Toulouse in 2016 - Project Manager / Agilist by profession at Airbus, qualified yoga instructor and the founding member of the association. Ravi loves to travel and explore different cultures and foods



About Naman

Toulouse welcomed Naman as a student in 2017. He is now working as an Aircraft Controls Engineer at Capgemini Engineering. He prefers to spend time in mountains - trakking, camping, skiing and near sea - enjoying the tranquility

Thara Bai


About Thara

Moved to Toulouse in 2017 to accompany her spouse. She is a trained classical dancer, yoga instructor and founding member of the association. She likes to socialise, support, cook and travel



About Karthik

Moved to Toulouse in 2015 as a student, currently working as an Systems Engineer at Capgemini Engineering, Karthik is fascinated by aeroplanes. In his free time, he loves to travel with his camera. He is one of the founding members of ICT



About Sagar

A native of Bangalore, Sagar arrived in France in 2017 to pursue a Master in Aerospace engineering. He is currently doing his Ph.D in Aircraft operations at Airbus and ISAE Supaero in Toulouse. Sagar is an avid fan of cricket and loves to play his flute



About Sahana

Born in Raichur, Karnataka. Pursued my Aeronautical Engineering at NMIT, Bangalore. Worked for Capgemini India & Sonovision India before moving to Toulouse in 2020 to pursue Advanced masters at ISAE SUPAERO. Now I am working for Capgemini Engineering.


Conseil d'Administration

About Karan

I am a 2021 graduate of ISAE SUPAERO, currently working as a Costing Engineer at Capgemini Engineering, Toulouse. Apart from liking Aeronautics on the technical front, my interests include cricket music, adventures, languages, and sports in general. As a person, I am usually easy-going and joyful.


Conseil d'Administration

About Mahanthesh

Moved to Toulouse from Poitiers in 2017 to do an internship. Currently working as Project manager in Eocen. He is associated with aeronautics from the past 12 years. Mahantesh likes travelling, reading and cook


Conseil d'Administration

About Shika

Master’s of Science from Paris, Internship in Nice and moved for a job in Toulouse with Altran in 2019. Shika is an ardent traveller & a fashion enthusiast, ready to fold sleeves for any adventurous idea or plan at any point of time


Conseil d'Administration

About Shubham

I am from Jalandhar, Punjab in India. After doing my bachelor in aerospace in PEC, Chandigarh I came to France to do my masters from ISAE-SUPAERO. I have done multiple internships in Germany and currently I work at Airbus. I enjoy cooking, traveling and painting. I love exploring new cultures.


Conseil d'Administration

About Surbhi

I am an Indian living in Toulouse for the last 7 years. I have done my masters from ISAE-SUPAERO and currently I work for Airbus. I enjoy cooking, traveling and reading.

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Association ICT

Association Indian Community Toulouse is a non-profit association governed by the French law of 1 July 1901 for associations declared to prefecture. It aims to bring together all the people interested in India & its cultures and represent the Indian community around Toulouse.