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Appreciation from the President of France

As a response to our invitation to the Indo-French gastronomic festival, La Mela Des Plats, the President of the Republic of France, M. Emmanuel Macron has sent us his regards to the initiatives of Asso. ICT. Know More

Winner - Occitanie Open to the World

We are delighted to inform you that our proposal for citizens' projects “Occitanie open to the world” has been selected as one of the winners. The idea is to organize a meeting between the citizens of Occitanie and the local Indian community to imagine food inspired by Indian culinary traditions. Whole heartedly we thank all of you for your valuable votes ! We shall require your support in implementing this project very soon. Thank you very much for your continued support. Read More

Appreciation from Indian Embassy in Paris

We are delighted by the kind gesture of Embassy of India, Paris for their acknowledgment & appreciation for the support activities done by our Association Indian Community Toulouse during the COVID19 lockdown. The mementos was awarded to ICT by the Honourable Ambassador of India to France & Monaco, Mr. Jawed Ashraf on August 15, 2020.

We thank all our volunteers and donors for trust and belief on us!



What is APS (job search visa for students)?

APS is a special visa status given to students who pursue a RNCP certified course or a CGE certified course. Read More

What are the various types of work permits in France ?

This article addresses the details of different types of work permits commonly given to students who studied in France upon finding employment. Read More

1. Titre de séjour salarié ou salarié temporaire

2. Passeport Talent

How can I bring my spouse to France?

This process concerns to salaried employees working in France and would like to invite their spouse to France to live with them AND have work permits. Read More

How to apply for visitor visa for parents?

For those of you who want to invite parents here for long term (more than 90 days) as visitors and probably want them to stay longer can apply for a long stay visitor visa and not tourist visa. Read More

How can I get EU Healthpass if I am vaccinated abroad?

In order to facilitate the stay of non-EU citizens in France, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has set up a specific mechanism. Readmore

How to file tax in France?

It is advisible for everyone (including students) to file the tax irrespective of income limits. Read More

Can I drive in France with Indian license?

Yes, you can for the first year of stay or all of your student visa validity. Read More

Association ICT

Association Indian Community Toulouse is a non-profit association governed by the French law of 1 July 1901 for associations declared to prefecture. It aims to bring together all the people interested in India & its cultures and represent the Indian community around Toulouse.